How does Jesus affect you?

How does Jesus affect you?

How does Jesus affect you? It is through Him and by Him and for Him that you were created and in Him you exist. That’s quite important. Jesus is God the Son through whom all things came into being, things seen and things unseen.

Jesus is with you always, He was there in every joyous cry and painful shriek and shameful groan and He loved you through every moment of it.

Every good and perfect gift comes down from your Father in heaven. Every good thing you ever did or anyone ever did for you was a love gift to you from God. He sows seeds in your heart that make you smile kindly at someone you don’t know or feel the urge to help someone in need and when you accept His good seed it will spring up with life in your heart.

God is sowing these good seeds because He loves you and the seed is life, the seed is Jesus and when you keep nurturing the seed He will grow in you and you will become more and more like Him.

The problem is the devil and his demons are like birds of the air they feed on these good seeds so when you get the impulse to help someone or do something good but then maybe you get scared of what people will think or say, that feeling when you want to do a good thing but something in you makes you unable to is the birds of the air stealing the good seed from the soil of your heart, the harder and rockier a persons heart is the easier it is to steal the seed and the harder it is for the seed to take root.

Some people have gone through bad experiences in life and this makes them protect their hearts from being hurt, they lock themselves away and don’t let people see who they really are because they are scared they will be hurt like they were before. This is the really rocky ground and it needs lots of work before the seed will take root. This is where Christians come in as they can show the person who has been hurt unconditional love without judgement which is like pouring out lots of the good seed and softening the rocky ground it draws the person that was hurt out of the darkness and into the light, it allows them to feel safe so they can start letting people see who they really are and then they too can start accepting the good seed and helping other people with their pain.

An example of this good seed is Ubuntu it is not linked to the bible or Christianity in any way and yet it is a truth from God. So how did it get all the way down here without the bible? God planted that good seed in the hearts of African people long ago so they would know about Him and about other centred love even though they didn’t know His name or what He did.

So how does Jesus affect you? He loves you. Everything you see is a gift from Him out of His love for you. Even to those who don’t follow Him or love Him back He gives these gifts equally and those who respond to them experience joy and happiness.

Jesus came to heal us and not just of physical disease but more importantly of emotional and spiritual pain. You can ask Him to help you to show you and heal you of the painful memories of the things that have happened in your life. He will embrace you in His loving warmth so that you feel totally secure and He will begin to heal your soul. He will never make you feel ashamed or hurt you or ask you to do anything you don’t want to do. He knows you and knows exactly what you need to get better. He loves you more than you can understand and just wants you to say to Him “help me with this pain I am feeling” and He will respond in a beautiful way.

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